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    Carlisle Youth Zone

    is a fabulous place to be.
    I have made lots of new friends and there is always plenty to do.

    Peter James
    Aged 9

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Work is progressing!!!!!

Posted Oct 12, 2016

Behind the scenes

Every week you support us by coming to our clubs and sessions, but do you think it may always look the same?  Does it look like nothing is happening?

It is all starting to take shape behind the scenes!!!


Remember where we used to have a cafe?   Not any more!!!

All those sockets, all that space............. what will be going in there?

Remember the blue room on the ground floor?  This is view looking from the blue room out to the rec area.  It is nearly time for the new flooring to go down, what colour did you choose?

There used to be a "girly room" behind reception.  This now has a new fresh look, and only has the flooring to go in.

Does anyone remember Reception?  Well a new one is being built right now!!!