Covid-19 and CYZ

To protect our members, the CYZ team, and the wider community, we will continue operating with our safety protocols in place until further notice.

There are 3 main ways to get involved with CYZ this Summer (all of which are completely FREE of charge):

  1. Come to an outreach session in your local area. We are in a different part of our City each night of the week, coming to see you to have a chat and do some activities (which follow current government guidelines). Please view our ‘Outreach‘ page to find out more!
  2. Come to a building based session. We have limited capacity on these and places will fill fast. To book a session use our new online booking system. You must pre-book to attend a building based session.
  3. Get involved in either our Arts and Crafts or Cooking Zoom. We deliver everything you need to take part, alongside the Zoom link and password, and then we do the activity alongside you. To get involved in these email

We will also be running some closed invite-only sessions – you will be specifically invited to these if you are to attend.

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Before re-opening, we have completed thorough and extensive risk assessments.

We have implemented a number of new safety measures and in addition to direct guidance from staff, new posters and tannoy announcements are present throughout the building providing reminders to all people in CYZ of the policies in place to keep everyone safe.

When we are unable to run on-site sessions (e.g. during Tier 4 restrictions or National Lockdown), we transfer our activities online.

Sessions are run with our youth work team via zoom, and all members are invited to attend these sessions.

A range of activities run online, including:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Catch-Up group sessions

Members can book their space through our online booking system.

We recommend you take a look at our FAQ section (below) on this page for more information on key points.

We have tried to include answers to questions you may want to ask below. Please click on a question to show the answer.

Is drop off/pick up different?

We ask that you stay with your child in the queue until they are safely in CYZ. We have socially distanced queuing outside CYZ which you should use at drop off and pick up time.

Young people will have their temperature checked before entry – it needs to be below 37.8degrees to be allowed entry. Members will be asked to sanitise their hands both before entry and on leaving CYZ.

We are using staggered start and finish times so it is really important you attend for your booking’s drop off and and for collection on time.

What guidance are you following?

We are following all guidance from the Government and NHS England. In addition to this, we are following the NYA (National Youth Agency) guidance which has been specifically designed for the Youth Work sector.

Will members be required to wear masks?

In line with current government guidance, members over age 11 are now required to wear masks within CYZ.

There are certain situations where this is not required such as when participating in sport activities.

We also recognise that some members will have another reason for exemption – they just need to let us know on signing in at reception.

For further information on the wearing of masks, we suggest taking a look here

Has your behaviour policy changed?

It has changed in the respect that we need all members to follow the instructions set out around CYZ, and to follow instructions from staff regarding their own welfare and that of others in CYZ relating to COVID.

If a member does not follow instructions we will ask them to leave (younger members will have to sit aside and parents will be called to collect). This is for the welfare of all members and staff.

If your child does not understand what they are being asked to do, please encourage them to ask.

What will happen if my child needs first aid?

We have trained first aiders on site. If we need to get close to your child we will ask the child and the first aider to wear PPE (mask for both, gloves and apron for the first aider).

Health and Safety and our duty of care will always be our top priority and we would never leave an injured child untreated.

How many others will be in my child’s session?

We are still running sessions in small bubble groups, however, the actual group size for each activity depends on what is allowable from the risk assessment taking factors such as social distancing into account. Groups tend to range from 5 (small group sessions) to 20 (outdoor sports sessions) young people.

Is the Café open?

The café is open on a Monday and Thursday serving pre-booked meals. Payment will be taken on the door for those YP who have a meal booked with their session. They will then get an opportunity during the session to head to the café for this.

Are you running normal club sessions like your old timetable?

At present, no.

Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page for up-to-date information on what provision we are able to run.

How will you ensure the safety of young people attending?

The safety of our members and our staff is always going to be our top priority. We have conducted a detailed risk assessment and modified aspects of service delivery and building use in line with restrictions and guidance.

All members coming into CYZ will need to have their temperature taken prior to entry and put hand sanitiser on – if a member’s temperature is 37.8 degrees or higher they will not be granted access to the building.

Hand washing / sanitising facilities are throughout the building and regular handwashing / sanitising will be encouraged.

There is regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects that are frequently touched by young people and staff during sessions.

We will continue to follow the guidance as it is updated and new guidance issued.

All plans will be closely monitored and may adjust in response to internal and external factors.

Have your staff received additional training?

Our staff have received additional training on updated practices since COVID-19 – this will be an ongoing process as guidance changes and is updated.

How does social distancing work at CYZ?

Externally we have marked out a queuing system in the entrance.

Internally, we have marked out spacings within CYZ to help young people and employees maintain this distance.

Plastic screens are present for separating groups / areas.

Staff will enforce social distancing as best we can, recognising that the participants need to take some responsibility for their actions.

Frequent tannoy announcements and signage are present to remind everyone of the safety procedures.

Why are session times shorter?

Session times are shorter as members are coming to do a specific activity, rather than move around different activities currently.

What does my child need to attend CYZ?

Please send in minimal items with your child. They may bring a pre-filled water bottle if they need a drink. 50p entry will also need to be paid on the door, and if they have pre-booked food, that will need to be paid too. We are not able to give change at the moment, so please bring exact change.

If attending our HITZ holiday club without pre-boking lunch, a packed lunch will be required.

Windows will be open to allow fresh air in, and we may make more use of our outdoor space (weather permitting), so appropriate clothing (e.g. hoodie / coat etc) may also be beneficial for these longer sessions.

If you still have questions that haven’t been answered, please feel free to contact us using one of the buttons below!

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