Jo Osborne

Jo Osborne

Youth Worker

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Jo is a Youth Worker.

We ask Jo about what it’s like to work at CYZ…

I started at CYZ in August 2017 as a volunteer for Saturday’s Inclusion Club. I also volunteered at Senior Club as I wanted to build on the day job which is a Teaching Assistant in a primary school. I became a Youth Worker and Interim Inclusion Co-ordinator in January 2018.

I looked after the Inclusion Club on a Saturday morning, it has two strands: working with the Youth Workers to make sure there are a variety of activities on offer such as arts and crafts, sports, music and karaoke. I also support our young people whether that it is having a listening ear or providing encouragement and building up their confidence. Linking with parents and carers is also a crucial part of the job.

It is seeing a young person smile and having fun. It doesn’t sound very earth shattering but for some young people this is a sign that they have taken some momentous steps to get to that stage. Although, I will not be the Inclusion Coordinator in September, I will still be working in Junior Club and HITZ coming up with activities which looked perfectly fine on paper but the practicalities are a different thing entirely! A big part of the enjoyment is being able to have a laugh and a giggle, usually at my expense.

…and about her hobbies and childhood…

I grew up in Nottingham which has two threatres. The Nottingham Playhouse hosted touring plays so my best memory is going to see plays with Mum and Dad. The best bit, however, was the bag chips in the car on the way home.

Fitness, this involves dragging myself to circuits, swimming and the gym. I have a reputation for being a bit of a bookworm but only whodunits and, from this; I have become fan of The Bridge and other similar genre TV programmes.

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