Clint Howat

Clint Howat

Youth Work Manager

Clint is Youth Work Manager , he started working at CYZ in December 2017. He’s kind and helpful and well-organized also each day he keep smiling .

Why does Clint enjoy working at CYZ?

The most enjoyable part of my job is the atmosphere I experience on week nights and Saturday’s when our clubs are running. Within any of our clubs we have 90 – 200+ members attending each session and it’s amazing to see all those people enjoying themselves by taking part in activities, chatting to friends and having a laugh. I love talking to people so I always get the opportunity to meet our members and find out how there day has been. A really passion of mine is to help the child and young people of Cumbria reach their full potential and I am proud that this is also a key value of the youth zone. If during conversations we find out any members are having difficulties in life we look at how we can support them and improve their situation.

What’s does Clint do at CYZ?

I look after the team that delivers all of our youth provision. This is a really exciting position as we have a highly skilled and enthusiastic team who have created a fun and safe environment for our members with the work they do. Another key aspect of my job is to develop links with other organisations and the community who we can work in partnership with, share expertise or resources. This is important part of my role as here at the youth zone we really pride ourselves on being part of the local community and are always looking for ways to develop this further.

What are Clint’s hobbies?

When I am not at work I love taking my 2 dogs, Gerrard (Border Lakeland Terrier) and Bella (King Charles Spaniel) out for a walk. I find these walks a really good technique to relax.

Clint you’re WONDERFUL ! 
Keep up the good work and keep working

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