Emma Rogerson

Emma Rogerson

Development Manager

Hi, I’m Emma the Development Manager here at CYZ.

Not a lot of people realise that we are a charity, and that it takes a lot of money to keep our doors open for the 1000’s of young people that visit each and every week. As such, we look to raise money from a lot of different sources such as private sector funding / Trust & Grants, in-kind support & donations. My role requires me to build lasting relationships with a diverse group of people and businesses, particularly funders. I am responsible for Private Sector Support, Fundraising, In-kind, donations, and events.

Why does Emma enjoy working at CYZ?

Happiness motivates me. Helping to provide a space where a child can just be a child is the number one reason why i love my job, when a young person feels safe, is having fun and smiling, you just can’t beat that. On the surface CYZ is just a fancy building that delivers a wide range of fun activities, but there’s a growing number of young people who need more targeted support. I truly believe that everyone needs someone – At CYZ young people can access support from a remarkable team of youth workers, mentors, and volunteers who are on their side. For some young people we are their someone, you can be a someone too!

I’m blown away all the time by people’s kindness and generosity, the need and want to give and do good. It really is an infectious cycle.

and a random bit about her …….

I just love being silly, having fun and a getting into a bit of mischief (but not too much). I’m rarely serious. I don’t like cake- seriously! Autum is my favourite time of year and i have a sausage dog named Cranston! I love a good view especially from anywhere in the lake district – fairly standard, how can anyone not? And I’m always curious about old buildings and their history, i often imagine or wonder about the life that unfolded within those builds.

Carlisle Youth Zone CYZ is registered with the Fundraising Regulator

About Carlisle Youth zone

Carlisle Youth Zone is a safe and fun environment where the potential of young people is developed and fulfilled. We are open 6 night a week and during school holidays we run our successful Holiday Club.