Diana Vlad

Diana Vlad

Youth Worker/Catering Assistant & Volunteer Mentor

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Introducing Diana Vlad! She is beautiful, crazy and enquiring and that’s why we love her!

We ask Diana about what it’s like to work at CYZ…

I’ve worked at the youth zone since 2017, but volunteered during club session before I applied for the job.

I’m a Youth Worker, a Mentor and also the Catering Assistant. I try my best to help young people progress in every part of their lives.

I enjoy the happiness kids bring when they are doing something new and also that someone is there for them when they need it. Back in my country (Romania), in the town that I was raised we didn’t have a place to go for advice or belonging, so I’m very glad that this city has a place like Carlisle Youth Zone and the team and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

…and about her hobbies + a fun fact about her…

I love playing sports, especially basketball, football, volleyball and exploring new sporting activities. Dance for me is important because I can express my feelings through it, with the help of sound and lyrics. I think a funny thing about me is the fact that I dance awkwardly sometimes to make others feel dancing is just having fun and nothing more.

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