Inclusion Club
age 7 - 25 with additional needs

Scroll through this page to explore some key information about Inclusion Club.

Who can come to Inclusion Club?

Inclusion Club offers a inclusive Youth Club space open to all young people age 7-25. We run all our popular Youth Club activities adapted to suit the members present.

We recognise that our Inclusion Club members may require additional support therefore we actively encourage parents/ carers and support workers to stay for the session. This then allows CYZ staff to concentrate on delivering our activities with young people being supported to take part fully.

All we need for anyone who wishes to attend is a completed membership form to become a member - we do ask that if there is something we should know about the member before they attend for the first time that you get in touch with us directly.

Young People who want to start their journey with us in a quieter setting can also attend our Inclusion Club and move to Junior or Senior clubs once ready.

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When can I come to CYZ?

As soon as you have signed up for a membership, you can come to Inclusion Club!

We have our dedicated Inclusion Session every Saturday morning, 10.00 - 12.30. We do also aim to make all of our sessions inclusive, so members are also welcome to attend our Junior (7-11) and Senior (12-18) clubs.

During term time, we also run our popular Wednesday Night Projects, and during the school holidays, we run our popular holiday club (8-12). These sessions do require booking. As a member, you have access to our online booking system - this is the easiest way to book these sessions.

Members age 7 are only able to stay for a maximum of two hours. For more information, please click here.

What are the drop off / pick up arrangements?

At the beginning and end of session, the car park over the road and around the corner can be used by parents / carers dropping off or collecting members. Please refrain from stopping on the yellow lines outside, as it makes it extremely dangerous, particularly for our members and their younger siblings when crossing the road.

We also advise parents / carers to come into reception with members, rather than dropping them off at the gate. This means if there are any issues they can be sorted promptly.

At the end of club, it is important to note that we don't allow members to leave to meet their pick up around the corner, over the road, beside the gate, along the street etc unless we have written consent. If parents / carers wish for their member to leave unaccompanied, we either need a completed 'Consent to Leave' form, or consent needs to have been given when initially completing the membership form. The only exception is for members who regularly attend our Senior Club. Consent to leave for members in Inclusion Club who also regularly attend Senior Club will be determined on an individual basis, usually following a discussion with their parent / carers.

Do I Get a Membership Card?

All of our members are issued with a membership card. You will usually receive it on one of your first few visits.

When you arrive before you have a membership card, just let the receptionist know, and we will be able to find your membership using your name.

Once you have your card, we ask that you try to bring it to each session you attend. It helps us identify you, and speeds up signing in at the start of club for everyone.

Many members like to wear their card on a lanyard to keep it close to hand. We offer a selection of coloured lanyards, and we can punch a slot in your card to attach it to a lanyard. Some members decide to get their own lanyard from somewhere like eBay with a pattern on it. Click Here for more information.

What should I bring with me?

Generally, all equipment / resources needed at CYZ are provided by us. You might want to bring a coat or jumper, as we do have outdoor areas.

We are always happy for members to use our landline at reception to contact home, so mobile phones aren’t essential. Parents can reach us on 01228 516 280.

We do have a cafe where food, drinks and snacks can be purchased. Generally, around £2 should be more than enough for this. Please try and avoid bringing notes – they are more easily lost, and as we mainly deal with small amounts of money, we can struggle to change notes.

Please Note: We are unable to accept liability for possessions brought to CYZ, so we advise that nothing valuable is brought in – all possessions remain the responsibility of the member at all times.

Can Parents / Carers Stay?

We understand that some members will need support when attending Inclusion Club. For this reason, we do allow parents / carers to stay to support you, whether that is by giving 1:1 care, or just sitting in the cafe to be on hand.

We do require any parents / carers who are staying to follow our support workers policy, and expect them to familiarise themselves with both the support workers policy, and our safeguarding policy. This includes signing a declaration and providing some key contact information. More information is available here.

Parents / carers who stay will be required to wear a visitor badge at all times while in CYZ.

Please note: We are unable to provide 1:1 or personal care to members. If a member requires this, a parent / carer must remain on-site to provide this care.

I've still got a question

If you still have a question, please feel free to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help. You can reach us using the below details.