Online Membership Tools

To make it easy to manage your membership we have a few electronic forms that you can use from home, instead of having to fill out a paper form at reception.

New members can sign up online, existing members can renew their membership online, and book onto our holiday clubs.

Please press the button below for the page you require!

Please note – Members aged 7: New members aged 7 will need to sign up at reception – they are unable to sign up with the online form. Members aged 7 are unfortunately not able to sign up to our holiday club – this is due to restrictions in the length of time we can look after members under 8 years old. Bookings made for holiday club for members aged 7 will unfortunately be cancelled and refunded.

Carlisle Youth Zone CYZ is registered with the Fundraising Regulator

About Carlisle Youth zone

Carlisle Youth Zone is a safe and fun environment where the potential of young people is developed and fulfilled. We are open 6 night a week and during school holidays we run our successful Holiday Club.